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Remote Wellness Institute is a community

that provides the highest quality career & business education

for health & wellness professionals looking to grow in the industry.

Remote Wellness Institute is a community

that provides the highest quality career & business education for health & wellness professionals looking to grow in the industry.

Member Benefits

Remote Wellness Institute



Weekly Guidance Calls

Where members of the community with an experienced facilitator, who leads discussions around various topics to help accelerate growth. The calls are designed to give support, advice, and feedback.  

Specialized Courses

Getting better at your craft requires knowledge & skills. Identifying and then learning those skills can be difficult. At RWI we create specialized courses for the community to improve coaching & business skills.

Digital Community

Access to a digital and highly engages community of Personal Trainers who provide helpful advice, support, & most of all accountability to help you grow your business.

Core Support Groups

Building a business alone is difficult, that is why we team every member up with a core group. Group members collaborate and share ideas, to propel their growth. 

Exclusive Perks

We've secured exclusive discounts with the most popular softwares companies, tools, and apps that you have full access to including trainings on how to set them up and use them.

Remote Wellness Institute

Best Resources & Education to

Improve Your Business and Life.

RWI is a free community for health & wellness professionals. When you become a member you get instant access to education, resources, & support to get more clients & grow your business.

Free Resources & Trainings

Free Programs, Guides, Templates, Scripts, Plug & Play Systems, & more to help you succeed:

Remote Wellness Community

Join the community for health & wellness professionals. Our mission to provide wellness pros with the best & most up tp date recourses, tools, & education they need to go out in the world and change lives. Click the button & join for free.

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Members Have To Say

Jeremiah V.

Seeing the pure amount of value that is provided in the community is crazy.

I have taken multiple online courses and had a few mentors in the past but none have even come close to the amount of things that you guys are giving us.

Not only do you have solid advice and tangible assets for us to use but also covering the majority of the costs it rally does mean a lot to people that are just trying to get started and want to build as an entrepreneur without getting completely setback by the initial fees and learning curve.


Rebecca S.

So excited I just finished Business Foundations.

I feel great about my progress so far with THREE 12 week clients ($1200upfront each) signed up and an SS planned for next week.

One client has lost 18 Ibs in her first 3 weeks and another has lost 8 lbs.

The third just started and lost 4 Ibs in 2 days! Needless to say they are all happy and I'm ready to move ahead to reach all of MY goals!

This community has been more than I had hoped for!


Ron S.

The thoroughness with which RWI is taking me through this training.

I can really appreciate that because I know that it is essential to building a solid foundation and it gives me confidence that I will have all that I need to be a successful coach.

A big takeaway was the amount of money I can make, I honestly see how it's possible "systematically" as shown in these courses, but I really need to keep building my foundation through this excellent training process to really feel that I can do it.


Jessica D.

I am continually amazed at how much RWI does for their memebrs!

I have had businesses in the past and I have always gone the Sole Prop way. For my wellness business however, I see the need for a much more robust structure that can handle all of the moving pieces that come with this sort of business. 

Thank you also to RWA for providing a simplified explanation of the different business entity structures, how they work and the pros and cons to each.

This has always been an area that has been a bit convoluted in my mind. THANK YOU!!!


Kenny G.

I cannot thank you and your team enough!

This is exactly what I needed at this season in my life. It’s even better than I expected.

You guys have created something amazing and I am blessed to be a part of it and leverage it to revolutionize my family’s and my life. 


Mark R.

We have sold 15k in our first month (Dec 28-Jan 27) and we are very happy about this. 

Couldn't thank RWI for all the tools that are in the community for free.


Rob R.

Just wanted to share this with the community.

I just signed up two more coaching clients, husband & wife. Grand total $8,867. 

I am learning from the best in this community.


Tyler L.

Just closed a new client $2400 for 24 weeks. $1200 upfront and the other $1200 when we are halfway through the program.

During the SS call when I made him dig deep into his WHY he cried for about 5 minutes. This dude is ready.

This is why I love my job helping people


Troy W.

Community is legit.

Grateful for the immense amount of support and tools we receive to ensure we are successful upon launch!

Best community i've been apart of hands down. 


Terrel M.

The trainings and the frameworks are beyond incredible.

Answering the transformational question sequence not only for clients but for myself can make a huge impact.

Just having access to the tools like this is nothing short of amazing


Angela S.

I am very happy to be part of RWI because of their big vision and goal.

I feel very grateful for all the support and value that they provide for us as well as leading us through every step of the way.

You can see that they are not hungry for the money, but rather making an impact on the world which gives me more trust as well as gives me something to look up to.


Todd H.

I really am blown away.

I have been in sales and business for 35 years. I have never seen such a comprehensive plug and play system.

It sets you up for massive success as you learn and apply the system. It is on point with how society desperately needs help with their health.

And it is extremely current with technology and remote learning.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remote Wellness Institute?

Remote Wellness Institute is a free community offering high-quality career and business education for health and wellness professionals aiming to grow in the health & wellness industry.

What are the benefits of being part of the Remote Wellness Institute community?

Benefits include weekly guidance calls, specialized courses, access to a digital community, core support groups, and exclusive discounts on popular software, tools, and apps.

Who can benefit from joining Remote Wellness Institute?

Certified health and wellness professionals looking to start or grow their health and wellness business can greatly benefit from joining. Or aspiring health & wellness professionals going through the education process and want to get a head start on their career development.

What type of resources does Remote Wellness Institute provide?

RWI provides free programs, guides, templates, scripts, plug & play systems, and more to help members succeed in their business endeavors.

How can Remote Wellness Institute help grow my health and wellness business?

By providing education, resources, and support to get more clients and grow your business through a community-driven approach.

What is the cost of joining Remote Wellness Institute?

Joining Remote Wellness Institute is free. Members get instant access to education, resources, and support at no cost.